Friday, May 21, 2010

For Sale: Make offer, open floor plan, handyman's special, just needs a little TLC, located in the Caribbean...Seriously, the area we are working in, 10% of the houses look like this one, Port au Prince Harbor 60% of the the building were destroyed, downtown Port au Prince 90% of the buildings were destroyed! I will hopefully post pictures of those tomorrow or Sunday. Mostly all Haitians are living in tents in their front yard or in a tent city. The people here are the hardest working individuals I have ever met in my life! They are also loving and caring individuals who insist on serving you hand and foot, when we should be serving them.  That has been one of the biggest blessings for me so far is being allowed to serve along side them as we all try and rebuild their church. Please continue to pray for them and us.
L to R: Jim, "Sir James" as the kids call him, we call him "Skittles," Tom, kids call him Mr. Tom, to us he is Major Tom (He just became a granddad!), J.R., they can call me anything, just don't call me late for dinner! and call him Mack, we don't know what to call him, one minute he's Forest Gump the next he is some other character, so we try not to call him at all! Not pictured AGAIN, Is Vincent, whom the kids call "V" or Vinnie, we call him Cabana boy, the foot rubber, videographer and rub lotion an "Mack's back boy! Just kidding, we just like to pick on him...he is a great sport about it.
This is Mislinda, she is adorable and let me tell you she rules the nest! She is 6-ish and she tells all of the other kids what, when where to go. She helped pass sand buckets amongst other things. She is FULL of personality and is most definitely a powerful choleric! She went around with the camera and took a lot of pictures. She LOVED Sarah and Amanda and remembered their names after 5 minutes! She was around me all day and STILL didn't know my name! When she set on my knee her little tummy was bloatted and it was hollow, kind of like when you feel your cheeks up with a breath and then thump on the side of your cheek. She liked playing with what little hair I have left. Everyone enjoyed having her around us today!

Yea we have pictures from the team!

How wonderful it is to see all of these beautiful pictures! But the blessing is seeing the joy on your faces from serving the Haitian people.

James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after the orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

That is exactly what you are doing and I hope your hearts are full of joy as you are right where God wants you to be. Keep up the good work and enjoy your time at the beach tomorrow!

Don't forget your sunscreen!

Your sister in Christ,

Favorite pic of the day!!

The cutest lil sick baby in the clinic today... What an adorable doll!! Kept kids occupied with candy while they waited to be seen.. I made them kiss my cheek and it became a game to them.. They would bring the next child over to me and tell them they have to kiss DEBBY and she'll magically have a piece of candy for them... I was soooooooooo loved today, at least 50 kisses between the clinic and the church construction site:)

I miss you

I can't even explain how much i miss you! however i know that you are doing amazing work! you and the Go team. I pray that tonight you all have a great night sleep, i know it is hard, but may God watch over you and let you sleep well, for all the hard work you have all done it's the least he could do. LOL...I pray that tomorrow you all have strength to keep going as i know it has been very hard with the heat and just working all day, i know deep inside of all of you, that you will find the strength to keep going. I pray that you can make someones day by what you have all done. I pray that God is watching over you health! I LOVE YOU DAD AND hope you have an amazing day at work. Keep everyone up with your joyful smile(=
Alexis Rae

Kings Garden children (Orphanage)

Kids got ahold of my camera and phone and took MANY MANY pics that I will post on FB when I get home.. Internet here is too slow to download them now.. Had so much fun with them..

Pic of the day

Cutest lil sick baby today...

May '10 Haiti Go Team

Here's the construction team at the end of day one (Wednesday) on the roof of King's Hospital.  Today, Friday, we would not be looking so fresh (ha ha) as it was 96 degrees at 10 AM and going up from there.  We are enjoying working with the Haitian workers and the and some of the congregation from Pastor Jules' church.  Hiati is very impoverished but the people are beautiful and warm hearted.  Tomorrow we get a break and will travel two hours to the beach.


"ME" filling the wheel barrel with cement.. Uhuh, "ME"....4 of them in a row!!!! Uhuh!!!
This is our "team" at the church we are working on for Pastor Jules.  There use to be four walls around us before the earthquake.

Well today was veryinteresting...This morning I was at the hospital helping at the clinic and this afternoon I went to the church to help fix the cracks...

Well, let me tell you that the church is one HUGE crack.. The construction guys have done the most AMAZING job ever!!! I shoveled 4 wheel barrels of cement all by myself, 4 in a row and then I almost passed out... Once again, I can't say it enough the men are doing an amazing job there with what they have, which is not much...

The pic is of the medical team, from left to right, Amy, Dr. Maquette, Sarah, Debby, Amy and Teri..

MISS EVERYONE at home but really enjoying my time here..

We are taking a day of rest tomorrow to go to the beach and cool off...

Hey boss hope all is well. Were all praying that you dont break anything else. Be careful

love nikki
It's 96 we r working on a roof, we forgot lotion at home, don't know how much longer we can work in this heat!
Again, great dinner lastnight goat, white rice, beans, squash, salad and mango cake for dessert!