Friday, May 14, 2010

Tuesday - FLIGHT DAY!!

Everyone remember to wear you GOTeam Tshirt so we can stay together and also take a new team PICTURE... JR goes in the back, hehehehehe, jk JR... Let's do it at the gate once we get in and settled...
SUGGESTION FOR EVERYONE: I would bring a pair of shorts in your carry on bag or wear under your pants.. When you get there you are gonna want to get out of you rlong pants/sweats/jeans immediately.. I did as soon as I got off the airplane... EVEN BETTER idea, CHANGE ON THE PLANE before we land because I was told the airport is a huge mob (lots of wondering people) and bathrooms aren't very clean..

Does everyone have their battery operated fans??? You are going to need them to sleep at night.. Ice packs are highly recommended also.. Towel for showers/beach..Sunscreen if you are working outside (at least a 50 SPF) AND a hat so your face stays covered..FYI:Wetting down your hat once in awhile, keeping your head cool helps keep your body cooler..

I'm ready r u???