Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pre Haiti prayers for the CCC GO TEAM

Praying for our faithful Father to prepare your hearts and strengthen you as individuals and as a group.

Praying that the Holy Spirit will encourage you and you would seek him faithfully.

Praying for you to have good fellowship not only with each other but with other believers you come in contact with in Haiti.

Praying that you would each have a servant's attitude in everything you do in every situation you are faced with no matter how difficult.

Praying for protection against spiritual warfare as you prepare during these last few hours at home and as you travel and of course when you there.

Praying for many faithful prayer partners and their diligence to pray for you all while you are in Haiti.

Finally brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you for your willingness to serve in this capacity in the precious name of our Lord Jesus!!!

Determining What's Safe in Haiti, and What Isn't - AOL News

Determining What's Safe in Haiti, and What Isn't - AOL News
I have the numbered tags for all bags...and your friend is right, they pile all the bags up and you need to keep a watchful eye on them at all times. I am wrapping a dirty diaper from my two year old around mine, nobody will touch them! Of course I am kidding! Debby thanks for following up with the bus! Everyone sleep tight...3 more days! My wife and I had a great couples study tonight. ALL four other couples prayed over me for all of us and each person took multiple times to pray 24-7 for our entire team. Encourage your friends and family to sign up and follow our blog! I turned international roaming for data and phone service on today with AT&T, so even if the generator is not working we should be able to communicate daily with loved ones and our blog.