Friday, May 21, 2010

L to R: Jim, "Sir James" as the kids call him, we call him "Skittles," Tom, kids call him Mr. Tom, to us he is Major Tom (He just became a granddad!), J.R., they can call me anything, just don't call me late for dinner! and call him Mack, we don't know what to call him, one minute he's Forest Gump the next he is some other character, so we try not to call him at all! Not pictured AGAIN, Is Vincent, whom the kids call "V" or Vinnie, we call him Cabana boy, the foot rubber, videographer and rub lotion an "Mack's back boy! Just kidding, we just like to pick on him...he is a great sport about it.


RC said...

SO good to hear you guys have the same humor. God has really placed you all together so beautiful.

GOD I pray for these four men, "V" that he gets back on his feet and that you take away his illness so he can go out and share your word, and That he captures all the joy and love the Haitians have. They truly are remarkable people to live in the conditions they do and still have a smile on, still be able to laugh, they have so much strength and it's all because of you! God I pray that James, Tom and J.R. continue to stay strong in body and mind. Continue to sheild them from all evil. Pray that Mike continues to LEAD them all in the right direction with your guidence, please keep them all safe, and healthy. That they continue to keep their spirits up, and conitue to work in your HOLY NAME, JESUS, Amen.

In GODS Name

Michelle Ridens said...

JR you are too funny! What is the story with Vince? Is he any better? Please tell him we are praying for him!