Friday, May 21, 2010

Again, great dinner lastnight goat, white rice, beans, squash, salad and mango cake for dessert!


Nora said...

Baaaa Baaaaa Baaaaa. Thaaaaa-t waaaaaa-s myyyyyy broooo-theeerrr.... :-)

RC said...

You had Billy the goat? Oh poor Billy goat! LOL, Im glad you are enjoying the food. Are you drinking lots of water? How is your hand? How is "V" feeling? Hope to hear from you soon. Us girls miss you and can't wait to see you and hear all about it. Today Natalie is hosting a lunch prayer session for you guys, Leah, Michelle and Kelly will all be there, I wont be able to go, your little Amelia has been sick as a new puppy. She can't breath out of her nose and so that makes her not want to eat, and you know her eating is not good as it is. She decided to explore with her nose, I caught her picking it then she ate it. Then she says, yummy mommy. LOL all I could do is laugh, then I told her that she will not have friends if she does that. She doesn't get it yet. LOL Be safe and we love you!!


Michelle Ridens said...

poor baaaailly goat! lol The lunch Natalie had for us was really good and no baaaaailly goat. We prayed for you all and had lots of laughs! Now I'm in a food coma and would like a nap!

Kelly said...

Awww... I agree with Michelle! Poor Billy... well... actually... maybe I should have sympathy for you instead? Naah... you did bring beef jerky... lol

Love ya
and still a praying!

And better watch that Michelle and RC... they each probably had about a dozen cups a joe today... really yummy java... but they may be a little on the hyper side... hee hee hee... I know... it's all my fault really. Me and my silly coffee pot maker.


Michelle Ridens said...

Coffee, what coffee I only drink half caf! NOT! Seriously, I want to go to bed right now so morning will get here sooner so I can have more COFFEE! But I have the 1:00 a.m prayer hour so ummmm maybe I can have coffee now to keep me awake until then???? heheheheheh! :-O


RC said...

Your right Kelly it is all your FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL :)Because I couldn't stop drinking it yesturday I didn't fall asleep til 4:20 this morning then had to wake up at 6 AM!