Friday, May 21, 2010

I miss you

I can't even explain how much i miss you! however i know that you are doing amazing work! you and the Go team. I pray that tonight you all have a great night sleep, i know it is hard, but may God watch over you and let you sleep well, for all the hard work you have all done it's the least he could do. LOL...I pray that tomorrow you all have strength to keep going as i know it has been very hard with the heat and just working all day, i know deep inside of all of you, that you will find the strength to keep going. I pray that you can make someones day by what you have all done. I pray that God is watching over you health! I LOVE YOU DAD AND hope you have an amazing day at work. Keep everyone up with your joyful smile(=
Alexis Rae

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