Friday, May 21, 2010

Favorite pic of the day!!

The cutest lil sick baby in the clinic today... What an adorable doll!! Kept kids occupied with candy while they waited to be seen.. I made them kiss my cheek and it became a game to them.. They would bring the next child over to me and tell them they have to kiss DEBBY and she'll magically have a piece of candy for them... I was soooooooooo loved today, at least 50 kisses between the clinic and the church construction site:)


RC said...

Debby can you fit her in a suitecase and bring her home to me please :) Just kidding!
What a beautiful baby!


Michelle Ridens said...

So sweet, I bet she loved looking into your smiling face. Praying for her and for all of you as you carry out your work there in Haiti!