Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I miss my wife and daughters cannot wait to see them! My phone is finally toast! It's been great all week, I drop one call after another with AT&T sitting at my desk upstairs in South Elgin, but I can call from Haiti and have a great wi-fi connection, what's wrong with this picture? We are checked in through customs and immigration with very little problem, a lot easier to get out of the country than it is to get in! We are relaxing upstairs at our gate, most are playing Uno, I'm blogging, Debby and Justine are still trying to figure out how to get on th "free" wi-fi here at the airport...lol! Teri is not feeling well, she thinks she may have picked up a cold from one of the kids, but of course she is still smiling and says everything is fine. Amanda and I are craving Pizza, Sarah wants Subway, Tom wants an ice cold Pepsi, Vince wants to help the world, Amy was showing off her puppeteering skills with her passport, Jim is itching to find a wall to tear down and Mike is looking for a pile of rocks to move, and poor Dr. Steve is home and we hope he fills better. We saw the capital building today and the devastation of Port au Prince, it was UNBELIEVABLE! There was a demonstration starting and we had to high tell it out of town and to the Visa Lodge for lunch and then to the airport. We are getting ready to board I will call my wonderful wife who I cannot wait to hug in Miami. I love you honey XXOO, I have some pretty cool news, I will tell you when I see you! Mee-Shell-Lee i knew you would never abandon the blog, I just wanted to make sure the owls wer not crowding us out.

Nubby (JR) is facebookin and bloggin with one hand

"Look honey one hand", says JR to RC! LOL!

JR your wife has been making me cry with her sweet post too. You should see the text she sends me. I'm pretty sure I'm her fave! LOL! I was at your house last night around 10:30 and RC was working her tushie off preparing the house for your homecoming! I think you are gonna like Coco's new pink pillow that goes right above yours in your bed. She has missed you too! She (Coco) gave up drinking bottled water while you were gone just as an act of appreciation.

Alexis said she may even wash her smelly volleyball gear too before you get home tonight. Just between us, well and all the other bloggers, I hope she does. It smells like the inside of my kickboxing gloves!

Did you sweet talk any government officials so they will consider opening the borders for international adoption again?

I'm praying for y'all today and the people on the airplane who have to sit next to you...lol...seriously safe travels all the way into the arms of your families! Well done!

Michelle, Meshelle, Shellyboo, Shelly just don't call me RJ

Meshellee is here Capin' Ron

Hey JR I've never left the blog for a minute, well maybe a minute to check in on the owls!

I've been gettin' my funny on in the comment section of the blog! Have you been checking the comment section? We sure have enjoyed ourselves there! LOL!

I can't wait to get the news that you are back on American soil, so text me from Miami K?!

Psalm 118:24 This is the day the Lord has made rejoice and be glad in it!!!

I love the pictures!


Hello all.  this is a picture taken at church after service.  some of the kids from church.  this is the church that the team has been working on. even though they increased the space in church to double it's capacity, it was packed! about 500 people at service.  it was powerful and amazing!  justine see you all at home soon. 
Where has Mee-Shell-Lee Gone? No posts or comments in two days! ...Is she okay? I hope so. I feel baaaaddddd that I have not heard from her.
Hi Honey! My phone has been down since yesterday. It says "No Sim Card" I have popped it out and cleaned it, but it still is not reading, so I cannot use my phone. You brought tears to my eyes after reading your past couple blogs. I love you so much and cannot wait to see you. Your info is correct, we have very little time in Miami, I will have to borrow someones phone to call you. So, plan on that time. I cannot wait to give you a big wet dirty hug and kiss! Yesterday was tough to get through. Jim and I were not feeling well, he was an animal the harder he worked the better he felt. So, I tried that too...and it worked for me as well, the harder I watched Jim work the better it made me feel! LOL! I couldn't eat lunch and for dinner I just had rice, bread, split pea soup and a piece of cake. I left with 5 bags and I am coming home with two! We gave everything away yesterday to our Haitian friends, even our shoes...Mike had to piggy back me to the van so I wouldn't have to walk through the sewer water we picked up rocks out of all week. Now I think he needs to see a back doctor when he gets home. Everyone is so excited about getting home to see their loved ones.  Thank you so much for taking care of everything which allowed me to go on this trip. The next one we are doing together! I asked Mike when the next Hawaii mission trip was and to let me know and to count us in! I wish! Okay, I gotta go help Mike find his ipod. Love you and talk to you soon! JR

Flight info

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think I found the flight info for the Go Team.  I was going through some paper work and happen to come across it. The GoTeam will be leaving Haiti @ 4:55 pm. arrive in Miami @ 8:15 pm. Depart Miami @ 9:50 pm. arrive into Chicago Ohare @ 11:55 pm. Wow long day of travel for you guys. I will keep you all in my prayers. Please call from Miami so I know where to pick you up from.