Sunday, May 23, 2010

Medical Team

Here is a pic of the Meidcal team on the roof of the hospital.. Boy is it a site to see from the roof.. The hospital is only 3 stories but you can see for miles around PAP...That is going to be a place for the patients to go when they are able to get out of bed and walk around.. There has only been about 2-3 patients, but they will be full when they can finish the hospital... There are about 4-6 beds in each room with about 6 ot 8 rooms... Right now there is I think about 28 total employees at the hospital, nurses, 2-3 doctors including Dr. Marquette and his wife Dr. Junie we call her, maintanance staff.. We have 3 interpreters helping us at the hospital which makes thing run much smoother..
Left to right... Amy, Dr. Marquette, Sarah, Debby ("ME"), Amy and Teri!!!

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