Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can't wait to see you!

I hope you all are feeling a little better, we are still all praying for you. So glad you all got some time to relax. J.R. me and the girls miss you so much we can't wait to see you. Just one more full day for you guys and then off to AMERICA on Tuesday! I am sure you all can't wait to get home and see your families.

What are the pick up plans? Are you all riding back to Black Berry Campus together and I pick up the guys from there or should I plan on picking up J.R. and Vince at the airport? What time you all getting in and what FL. #. Sorry for so many questions but J.R. wasn't told this info before leaving. I will continue to pray for you all to feel better for your travel home.

Jesus, I pray that you continue to watch over J.R. and his go team, that you continue to keep them safe. It has been a rewarding yet hard journey for them. May they have the strength to get up in the morning and finish your work. May they fill the kids hearts with joy and with your WORD as they leave them on the final day. Lord, you are a good, loving and forgiving GOD, you are my savior and we know we are not worthy of your grace. But because of you we can travel to Haiti and spread your love and grace, you are the ALL mighty!

Psalm 37:28

For the LORD loves the just

and will not forsake his faithful ones.
They will be protected forever,
but the offspring of the wicked will be cut off;


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Kelly said...

Oh just beautiful RC... I am so enjoying your prayers and praying them for the team as I am reading them! Thank you!! Miss you and I am only down the street! You available tomorrow to just stop by and say hello?