Sunday, May 23, 2010

JR don't worry the owlets are just fine

Don't worry JR the youngest owl is still in the box. He may come out tonight so I'll take lots of pictures for you. They will hang around the owl box for another week or so. So when you get home you can get back to staying up all night watching the owl activity on ustream!

Love ya,


Kelly said...

OOOOOH MYYYYYYYY MISHELL!!!!! You are SO funny! I think I might just call you Shell for short... what do ya think?

Michelle Ridens said...

Hey fellow night owl Kelly! My dad always called me shellyboo lol ;~)

AlexisRae said...

Shellyboo, you are so funny. The picture of the owls is so cool

Kelly said...

Awww.... Shellyboo.... very sweet. Love ya MIchelle!

Michelle Ridens said...

Yea Kel we are chatin' during normal hours! lol

Yes, my dad was such a sweetie calling me shellyboo all my life...

you can call me shellyboo, or meshelle or michelle just don't call me RJ! lol

Alexis I'm a little more than funny at 1 amish a little scary too. I'm crazy with watching these little owls leave there safe little home. Don't tell anyone but sometime I get all teary eyed! It can be our secret cuz I'm actually a strong mexican woman!

Love you all! So glad JR is soon to be safe back in his casa with you!