Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nubby (JR) is facebookin and bloggin with one hand

"Look honey one hand", says JR to RC! LOL!

JR your wife has been making me cry with her sweet post too. You should see the text she sends me. I'm pretty sure I'm her fave! LOL! I was at your house last night around 10:30 and RC was working her tushie off preparing the house for your homecoming! I think you are gonna like Coco's new pink pillow that goes right above yours in your bed. She has missed you too! She (Coco) gave up drinking bottled water while you were gone just as an act of appreciation.

Alexis said she may even wash her smelly volleyball gear too before you get home tonight. Just between us, well and all the other bloggers, I hope she does. It smells like the inside of my kickboxing gloves!

Did you sweet talk any government officials so they will consider opening the borders for international adoption again?

I'm praying for y'all today and the people on the airplane who have to sit next to you...lol...seriously safe travels all the way into the arms of your families! Well done!

Michelle, Meshelle, Shellyboo, Shelly just don't call me RJ

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