Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hi Honey! My phone has been down since yesterday. It says "No Sim Card" I have popped it out and cleaned it, but it still is not reading, so I cannot use my phone. You brought tears to my eyes after reading your past couple blogs. I love you so much and cannot wait to see you. Your info is correct, we have very little time in Miami, I will have to borrow someones phone to call you. So, plan on that time. I cannot wait to give you a big wet dirty hug and kiss! Yesterday was tough to get through. Jim and I were not feeling well, he was an animal the harder he worked the better he felt. So, I tried that too...and it worked for me as well, the harder I watched Jim work the better it made me feel! LOL! I couldn't eat lunch and for dinner I just had rice, bread, split pea soup and a piece of cake. I left with 5 bags and I am coming home with two! We gave everything away yesterday to our Haitian friends, even our shoes...Mike had to piggy back me to the van so I wouldn't have to walk through the sewer water we picked up rocks out of all week. Now I think he needs to see a back doctor when he gets home. Everyone is so excited about getting home to see their loved ones.  Thank you so much for taking care of everything which allowed me to go on this trip. The next one we are doing together! I asked Mike when the next Hawaii mission trip was and to let me know and to count us in! I wish! Okay, I gotta go help Mike find his ipod. Love you and talk to you soon! JR

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