Thursday, May 20, 2010

You all are too funny! We have the luxury of having Dr. Steve as part of our team, he says he doesn't think it's broken, but cannot tell without an ex-ray, my ring finger is swollen so I could not take my ring off if I wanted to, which I don't. Dr. Steve has wrapped and taken care of me and another one of our team members and the youngest, Vince ...or "V" as all the Haitians are lovingly calling him he is very, very ill, he has been throwing up since about 2pm this afternoon, Dr. Steve is not sure what it is yet, we all prayed over him tonight. Please pray for him, there's nothing worse than trying to sleep in extreme heat, much less being sick too.  The construction team had another great day, Mike and I moved giant mounds of boulders from outside to inside, Tom and Jim took down another wall that was filled with rebar and concrete! There will be church service on Sunday, so needless to say we have a lot to do. Amy is going to tell you how it went with the medical team today...tomorrow, she just went to bed.  Miss you all and thanks for the the imput, all team members asked daily if their family has been blogging, so if you have not started, nows the time! Thanks again for the prayers and verses.

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