Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have been txting with J.R. this morning, he says they are all ok.  It's very HOT!  He sent me two pictures via Txt.  His phone works over there. So we are so blessed to be able to communicate with him.


Michelle Ridens said...

Great pictures! Looks like they are working hard and lookin' good! LOL!

Michelle Ridens said...

Sure hope he's lifting that rock with his legs not his back! :-) Thanks for posting RC. I hope Miss Amelia feels better soon!

Anonymous said...


Melody Wilcox said...

I agree with Michelle, JR! Use your CORE (like you tell us in kickboxing), and your legs. Careful with your back! I think it's AWESOME what you're doing. You're an inspiration. I hope you get a much deserved rest when you get home.

John said...

JR, you are doing a great job! It's a great thing that you all are doing out there! You look so I'm praying for you all out tere,we all miss you around here!
Be safe my friend!