Thursday, May 27, 2010

Morquettes Home

This is Lincolnson, our household helper.. Very nice kid!!! I gave him my clock and he was ecstatic and very grateful, for just a little ol clock..
This is Eda our other household helper... She cooked and cleaned up after us, helped us whenever we needed anything.. A very sweet young lady.. I gave her my watch and she was very grateful...
This was from the dining room looking into the kitchen..
This was only 1/2 of the dining room and the table we all gather at for breakfast and dinner time.. We all knew when to come for meals as Dr. Morquette would sing this song and we all would come running.. 1/2 the time if you weren't in the room you would hear everyone sing very loudly at the end, AMEN~AMEN~~
Dining room again...
This was the Family room where we gathered every night for our team meetings..
This is the 2nd 1/2 of the dining room where myself and JR spent a lot of time on our computers:) AND SEE THE DOOR BEHIND JR?? THAT WAS KEPT SHUT ALL THE TIME SO JR WOULD HAVE A NICE COLD ROOM TO SLEEP IN EVERY NIGHT!!! hahahaha!! :)
Family gathering room..
Amanda took my braids out for me after having them in for 4-5 days, THANK YOU AMANDA & this was the final result..
Here is a few picture of the Morquettes home that we stayed at.. The food was good and plentiful, beds were clean, (except for Teri's one night, hehehe) and well better than sleeping on the floor hehehe... Some had air conditioning (JR-JR-JR-JR!!! hahahaha BUSTED!!!) others had fans and we all had ice packs.. We had showers daily, some of us had bucket showers and some had water coming out of a make shift shower head BUT we all got clean daily:)

Our last night we all discussed how well we ALL got along great.. There were NO disagreements nor personality conflicts, and we all truly enjoyed being around each other:)

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